Going mobile

Going mobile

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GRN announces a mobile-optimised version of the GRN website at m.globalrecordings.net.

The proportion of GRN's web site users connecting via mobile devices has tripled in the past 12 months. More and more mobile devices are internet-enabled, and the proportion of people accessing the web on mobile devices continues to increase.

To make it easier for users with small screen devices, the new site contains almost all the content as the main site, in a similar structure, but it's displayed in a simpler format better suited to small screen sizes.

You can switch between the two sites easily using the links at the top of each screen.

See the QRCode below. You can scan it with your mobile device to connect directly to the mobile version of GRN's website.

We've also revamped all the language and programs pages (see for example the Australian English Language page and the Good News in English page. The listings are clearer, and there's more information about each program.

Special low-bandwidth audio files are now available for most programs. These are smaller files to give faster downloads, and are particularly suited to mobile phones or other devices with expensive download costs, limited storage capacity, or relatively low quality sound reproduction.

Work continues on improving the web site experience for mobile users. If you have any particular ideas or suggestions, please contact me.