iHear: Right Here!

iHear: Right Here!

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by Gerry Gutierrez

If we long to share the love of God with people from other countries, we can do it right here!

God has given us the opportunity to touch the lives of people from India, China, Japan, Nigeria, Indonesia and many other countries without leaving home.

Migration of people to the United States is not a new phenomenon; most of our ancestors came to these shores looking for religious freedom and a better way of life. The movement of people around the globe, the Diaspora, includes voluntary migration as well as people who are refugees. In many countries a large part of the ethnic population has permanently relocated elsewhere. Ethnic fairs in America draw thousands of Hmong from Vietnam, or Oaxacan Indians from Mexico. The internet is a good source of information about migrants in our country.

How does this affect the spread of the gospel?

Many of the groups in our country are closed to the gospel in their country. Others have never heard a clear explanation of God's love and offer of salvation. Displaced people often do not read or write their mother tongue and are oral communicators.

iHear Right Here is a Global Recordings initiative to promote use of our recordings. The GRN USA staff has begun reaching out to migrant workers, at ethnic fairs, on Indian reservations, and with our neighbors. Would you like to get involved?

How can you start?

Every week you see people from other countries walking through the mall, shopping, or buying gas. Be friendly and strike up a conversation. Find out what country and city they are from and what language they speak. Offer to give them a free CD in their heart language.

Then what?

There are over 6,000 languages available to download as MP3s on our website, www.globalrecordings.net. Our order department can help you find the right recording for the people God places in your path. Many of the recordings come with picture booklets which illustrate the messages. When you give out a CD, or play samples of languages on a Saber player, you touch the heart of the person who receives it and their family and friends. It might even get sent to a country or tribe that is without the gospel!

We also have an iHear Right Here package for churches or small groups. You can order an assortment of 50 CDs in your local languages. They will have the iHear logo, plus contact information from your church, and promotional material.

We have the gospel messages on CDs - you have the feet, hands and smiles for your neighbors. Let's work together and get the Word of God out!