Running the Race in North India

Running the Race in North India

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Recording in a makeshift studio
Preparing scripts for recording later

Paying the price to record languages in hostile territory.

By Swapan Roy and the Kolkata GRN Team

Jesus has passed us the baton. His mission and purpose. Lost people matter to God, and they matter to us. Thank you for joining us in prayer that all will know the love of the Risen Lord!

We traveled to the Kanjar community. This traditionally nomadic and wanderer community is now responding to the gospel. They are reputed to have made a living by kidnaping, theft, prostitution, and other criminal activity. Some are animistic, and many also profess Islam. Since their language doesn't have an alphabet, it was very hard to translate the scripts during the recording sessions. The temperature was very high, and no fans were installed in our recording room, making it difficult to record. We only proceeded through each step of this recording by the power of prayer, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Even our recording machine was very hot! Praise God, at last we could record 10 messages and one testimony in the Kanjari language.

From there we went to Jodhpur for another recording. There is no alphabet in the Marwari language. Most of the local people hate Christians. The Marwaris follow Mahavira, and they are of the Jain sect and vegetarians. One of the Christian families I met there said they are not allowed to enter any of the Marwari houses and are considered out caste.

Many of the Christians there had been tortured for their faith in Christ. Some by their parents, husbands and in laws, but they still followed the Lord whole-heartedly. One of the local pastors' wives was tortured for three and a half years because of her faith. She was locked in a room for months, beaten by her parents badly. The Good News is still rejected by the Marwaris, but the Lord loves them too and gave his life as a sacrificial offering on the cross.

When we reached Jodhpur, we recorded 12 messages and two testimonies. There are no Christian songs in Marwari, but they composed five songs and sang those using local style.

This trip was very challenging. We were always fighting with obstacles, many of those odd situations preventing our success, but by the power and guidance of God we overcame and won. These are unreached language groups, far from the gospel. There are many, hungry for the truth. We are grateful to God for all that He did for us on this trip. Four languages were recorded this time - Hindustani, Kanjari, Marwari: Jodhpuri and Marwari: Dhundari, which will help to reach millions in the future with the good news! As His followers today, we also have


  • Praise God for His wonderful leading and guidance.
  • Praise God as He took care of us even during hot summer (117° temperature).
  • Pray against the demonic spirits that are keeping the people bound.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of the people towards Christians so that they will be receptive to the Gospel.
  • Ask God to encourage and protect the believers, their properties and the churches.
  • Pray that we have sufficient funds to produce more outreach CDs, and another set of recordings.