Stories from Asia

Stories from Asia

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Getting Their Attention

Shoma (22) and Shobho (18) are brother and sister from a Hindu family. Pastor D used to visit the family from time to time to tell them about Jesus but Shoma and Shobho would hide and avoid him. They did not want to hear about another religion. But when Pastor D went there again in July 2008, he took with him the GRN Good News recordings and Bible pictures. Their attention was caught. They sat and listened to the presentation and got interested.

After that Pastor D regularly went back to their home and continued to share the stories of Jesus through the recordings and pictures. The brother and sister heard about God's love and His power. After a couple of months they too decided to become followers of Jesus. Thankfully their parents have not objected, but some other local Hindu families are giving them a hard time. Shoma and Shobho have not let the opposition deter them and they continue to trust in Christ and follow Him.

A Tale Of Two Tribes

These two tribes live in a restricted country. Together they total less than 50,000 people. Their languages are very similar but have never been written down. They are dominated by local Buddhist monks who are their government and their teachers. Despite many years of effort by a couple of missionaries, the number of known followers of Jesus can be counted on one hand - and they have been driven out of the community by the monks.

Recently a GRN recordist in the area was able to record the "Good News" in the dialects of these two groups, amazingly with the help of a Buddhist man! "It was exciting to see him moved by the Good News message that he recorded," reported the recordist. The missionary has said, "He is already a Christian in his heart though he hasn't confessed his faith publicly because of community pressure. I believe the "Good News" tapes will draw many to know Christ.

How is it done?

The recordist wrote, "Recording these two dialects took about 6 days. The language has never been written down, so those who 'spoke' the message read it first in the national language then tried to tell it in their heart language.

"The distribution is even harder. We need to be very careful. The community does not accept strangers in their midst. If the monks found out that a stranger is Christian, there would be big problems. So we followed the advice of the missionaries and gave them the tapes. They will pass them on to people who really want to know about Jesus and His salvation, and will keep it secret from the monks and local authorities"

Pray for these tribes!

A Missionary Among His Own People

Written By An Asian Recordist

'U' has been a missionary to his own people for 12 years. He has spent most of his money to evangelise them. One day last year, he came to the capital city for rest with his family and "it just so happened" that his daughter-in-law came to our door to sell eggs. She is from my tribe so I asked her where she lives. She said she is married to a man from the ST tribe and her husband's father is a missionary among the ST people.

I asked her if I could talk with her father-in-law. And she said 'Why not!'. So I visited them and talked about his ministry and about mine. After some time he said that he would like to help make recordings in the ST language. He felt God had brought us together to help him reach out to the ST people.

The recordings were successfully made and he took cassettes and four hand wind cassette players with him. Both of us prayed that the Lord would use these tapes and players to bring many ST to Jesus.

Help For Evangelists

For more than a year, Pastor D (see other story) has been using the GRN Good News recordings and picture books. He finds them easy to use and effective in telling both adults and children about Jesus. He lives in a mixed Muslim/Hindu area and sometimes hands out the pocket size Good News books to the local children. Many are becoming interested in Jesus.

Staff Needs

There are many opportunities for ministry with GRN, but we are especially praying for Audio Engineers/Recordists (or technically minded people willing to be trained in this area) and IT specialists.

Contact the office for more details or to arrange a visit.