Faces of GRN: Mobilizing for Missions

Faces of GRN: Mobilizing for Missions

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"Why haven't we heard from you before?" This is a question we at GRN hear all too often. Someone has quipped that we are the best-kept secret in missions in the USA. That certainly is not our aim. In fact, Guy and Jan Piersall, our Mobilization Directors, are working hard to change that question to a positive comment like "Glad to hear from you again!"

Guy and Jan started in the Portland, Oregon area as part-time mobilizers. They worked with a number of churches, giving them information and helping them get GRN supplies. In 2003 Guy retired from a business career and Jan from teaching middle school. They joined GRN full-time as mobilizers and began traveling throughout the western states visiting churches and participating in mission conferences. In 2006 they were appointed to direct GRN's mobilization program. "Our desire is to help people get involved in serving the Lord in missions, hopefully with GRN," says Guy.

The Piersalls travel extensively, working to establish partnerships with churches and individuals committed to sharing the gospel with unreached peoples of the world. One of our ministry goals is to have a GRN Mobilizer in each state of the USA. The Piersalls are active in locating and equipping representatives for GRN across the country, but they are aware that we are a long way from reaching that goal. Our growing number of Mobilizers is available to visit and to share with local church or mission committees, or to bring a display to a missions conference.

By the end of 2008, Guy and Jan's travels will have taken them to South Carolina, Missouri, New York, Washington DC, Virginia, Texas, Arizona, Washington, and California. Plus there is a trip planned for the Philippines and Indonesia to meet with staff at GRN overseas offices. And that's just this year's travel!

They have been working hard to place thirty-second spots on Christian radio stations around the country. They ask for prayer for God to give them partnerships with churches, Christian business organizations, mission groups and individual believers.

Their goal is to is raise awareness of GRN among the churches in the USA. But our greater goal is for the unreached peoples to hear the gospel in their own languages. We don't want them to ask: "Why haven't we heard from you before?"