The Sheba Recording Project

The Sheba Recording Project

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Three GRN recordists from Sierra Leone traveled to Ethiopia earlier this year where they recorded the good news of Jesus Christ in twenty-four languages during a six-week period.

The legendary Queen of Sheba came from this East African nation, and to this day she is still a household name. Thus the team aptly named this initiative "The Sheba Recording Project."

The team was assisted by three Ethiopian believers. These were a great help serving as readers, translators and as a driver. In the team's daily devotions they often prayed the prayer of Abraham's servant: "Lord let our journey be successful." And the Lord did!

"During our journey," writes team leader Andrew Kanu, "we came across rough roads that scared us to death. In some areas the rains were so heavy that the roads had eroded. The mud was another challenge! But the Lord delivered us from accidents and from the attacks of hignway robbers."

In most of the areas that the team visited the people were predominantly animists. In some towns they were rejected and asked to leave.

In others they were warmly received. In one place especially they were heartily welcomed by the local priest who assisted in getting language helpers from nearby villages to help them.

In another place an elder from a local church told them that he had a vision of their coming three days prior to their arrival. He saw birds singing in their language, informing him that missionaries would be coming to them in three days time to spread the good news of Jesus!

Midway into the project the enemy struck. The mother of one of the Ethiopian helpers died. He went for the funeral and later returned after a week. Back home in Sierra Leone, one of the recordists lost his grandfather and Andrew lost his nephew. All of Andrew's family got sick also. Even though the enemy tried to discourage the team, they kept on keeping on.

Andrew concludes, "After six weeks of hard work, we made recordings of the good news in twenty new languages and added more material in four previously recorded languages. We praise the Lord for fulfilling His word. His favor was evident as we traveled from place to place."

We are grateful for a generous gift which provided the resources for this project. If you or your church would like to invest in sponsoring a recording project we invite you to contact the USA office for information.