Cassettes for the Yine in Peru

இந்த பக்கம் தற்போது ஆங்கிலத்தில் கிடைப்பதில்லை.
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Dear Friends

We have returned from our trip to Boca Manu. We spent nearly 20 days travelling in canoes and saw only rivers and trees around us and saw a little more of what the Lord has created. What beauty!! Now we are continuing in Puerto Maldonado.

We visited a lot of Arakmbut villages where we gave out one cassette per family. We also went to 3 Yine and Machiguenga communities. We have had a cassette recorded in Yine for many years and took it to try it out with the people and see if they understood or have changed, but thanks to God they understood very well. We made a few copies to leave them one. We did the same with some cassettes in Machiguenga which we took, because although it was recorded a long time ago they understood it perfectly well.

I want to tell you about our wish to go to Boca Manu. It was about taking the cassettes in Arakmbut but also find out about the Mashco Piros and Yoras. Sadly noone knew about the Yoras but they do know about the Mascho Piros!! The MASHCO PIROS is a native group which has not been contacted, nomadic, they don't use clothes and belong to the Yines family. They are inside the reservation park for the Manu where you can only go in with an official permit.

In Diamante a Yine community met us with their pastor (also a Yine) and said "We pray and fast for our countrymen who are inside". This moved me very much because they themselves see the need of their people.

Searching for information about the Mascho Piros someone said that about 10 years ago a mother and 2 daughters came out naked (without clothes) but the mother contracted flu and died. One daughter fled for fear of dying but one other stayed and was called Norma. She is living in Chipitari, a Machiguenga community. She is married to a Machiguengan and has a child.

So we travelled there in order to meet her. Although she has spent a lot of time outside she has a certain fear of unknown people and she does not speak or understand any Spanish but a little Machiguengan.

We took the cassette in Yine and tried to get close to her but as she could not understand us she paid us no attention. So we turned the cassette on and at that moment she went quiet and turned and stopped. She was happy!!

After a while she sat by my side and listened closely to the cassette. She also listened to another cassette that Elda had just recorded. We stayed there until it got dark. Finally we prayed and left her the cassettes so she could continue to listen to them.

We thank God very much because although we weren't able to reach those further in, one person from this MASCHO PIRO people heard the message of salvation, and although they are called the unreached (by people from outside) they soon will be.

I can't imagine the way God will do things. I think He can use pastor Juan but perhaps it will be Norma, one of them who will take the word of God or maybe one of us. I don't know but meanwhile we continue to pray for the Mascho Piros. We know nothing is impossible for our God and that His word will arrive very soon!!!

Thanks again for being such a blessing in our lives at this time.

With love in Christ


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