GRN Southern Africa

Support the distribution of Gospel materials in Venda, Botswana & Namibia. Подробнее

Your donation will assist in bringing the good news about God to senior citizens who have a sight impairment. Подробнее

Be part of providing the good news of God's love to the people of the Drakensberg Mountains. Подробнее

GNM Sunday school manuals based on GRN picture series. Подробнее

Your donation will provide the resources for evangelists to reach communities in Malawi. Подробнее

GRN Southern Africa

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GRN in Southern Africa is an evangelical ministry helping Christian workers, evangelical churches and missionaries to reach the non-reading community with the gospel of Jesus Christ, by supplying them with:

  1. MP3 and CD audio programmes
  2. audio-visual discipleship programmes

All our audio-visual materials are ideally suited for cross-cultural evangelism in more than 65 languages of Southern Africa.

Click here to find languages spoken and recordings available in South Africa.

Promote GRN Southern Africa! Brochures are available explaining the mission and vision of GRN SA. Click here to download brochures for sharing and printing.

Email for any inquiries re languages recorded or more information about GRN materials.

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