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A typical sight
A typical sight

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This bus is nowhere near full
Matching facial hair provided something in common

by Christine Platt, CEO GRN Australia
Edited by Wendy Bytheway

On Boxing Day we travelled from Sydney to Nepal on "TooCheap Air" with uncomfortable seats, no movies, terrible food (which cost extra, like the water!) A good introduction to discomfort.

Armed with welcoming marigold garlands, our Nepali colleagues met us at Kathmandu. Our introduction to a month of climbing up and down started at our lovely hotel where we were housed on the fifth floor-without a lift in sight.

We sat on the floor during a two-hour church service, but it was great to worship with our Nepali brothers and sisters who participated in the service with great enthusiasm. There were no spectators in a church where many come to Christ through healing and deliverance.

Later our team of ten foreigners and seven Nepalese boarded a bus and headed out of town.

After two hours we arrived at a small town, ate lunch in the local church before donning our backpacks to walk down the side of a mountain.

After a few hours' slog, we invaded a local family who were overjoyed to host seventeen guests and to celebrate New Years' Eve with local believers. Many gave testimonies to God's work in their lives, which was a great encouragement. I fell asleep as they worshipped God into the night.

From here we broke into groups of three foreigners and one translator. Carrying Sabers and flipcharts we approached people as they sat outside their homes or in groups in public spaces. We asked if they'd like to listen to a story and they always said yes. Conversation flowed after listening to the Good News recording, which covered the events from creation to the ascension of Jesus.

A great thrill for me on the first day was that two men we approached were ready to respond to the message then and there. This happened a few more times over the month. One man had been praying to Jesus secretly for seventeen years and was very ready to follow him now that he knew who he is. Mostly people were concerned about their families' reactions should they respond, or it was the first time they had heard the gospel. These people wanted time to think. We left CDs with those interested and able to listen.

After three days we farewelled our gracious hosts, donned backpacks once again, and made our way down the rest of the mountain. It was a difficult three hour walk and ended in us reaching a hotel we had been warned about. However, it had been marvellously transformed for us. The hotel was a great, clean place to stay and the buffalo had been moved elsewhere.

We chatted to people, as we did in previous towns, during the day and at night returned to the hotel.

A small band of children greeted us the first night and we played some games with them. The second night more came so we played some of the recordings. Fifty to sixty local people came each night to watch the children play and listen to Bible stories. I had a wonderful time with the kids and was amazed at how well I connected with them, considering the language barrier.

At our next location, we repeated the pattern. Physically it was difficult. I found walking downhill particularly challenging, the squat toilets took a while to work out and the ladders I had to negotiate to reach my bed were testing after a hard day hiking. However our cook did a great job and the food was wonderful.

People were very interested to hear about Jesus. Following listening to the recording for 30 minutes, we often talked about the stories for over an hour with people. After hearing the recording people realised that following Jesus meant leaving behind their current religious practices. I was very happy to see the recordings work so well.

It was a worthwhile trip and so refreshing to share the gospel with people keen and interested to hear. We spoke to Brahmin caste people who don't like talking to Nepalese Christians but are willing to talk to foreigners, and so we reached people hard for local Christians to evangelise. Local Christians who translated for us will now go back and visit those who were interested.

Please pray with us . . .

  • For those who heard the gospel,
  • For those who responded to the message,
  • For those who will follow them up,
  • For those who were part of our team.
  • Pray that our Lord will transform the lives of each one, and enable us to serve and follow Him.

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