Testimony from Zambia

Testimony from Zambia

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Jonas Silwamba uses the Messenger tape player and recordings to minister to his Bemba, Lungu, and Mambwe speaking neighbours in Northern Zambia.

Jonas sometimes travels in a team of two or three, and upon his arrival at a town or village he makes contact with local church leaders. Each day he presents one or two recorded messages, followed by a sermon, sometimes to even to large gatherings. Jonas also uses the Messenger tape player in hospital visitation.

People understand the recorded message and are attentive. Sometimes people respond to the message by crying, sometimes there are demonic manifestations. People repent from fighting, stealing, and witchcraft. Some even bring their witchcraft charms and burn them. Personal counseling sessions sometimes continue into the evening hours. Jonas encourages the people that they should not fear the demons and witchcraft, but rather put their trust in Jesus Christ.

This testimony was recorded during my Mbala Outreach Oct/Nov. Ministry. - Joas.

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