Using the recordings in India

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"Just this morning as I used the Praise & Prayer notes I read of your web address (I had never noticed it at the front of the notes) so now I have brought it up and added your address to my favourites.

"I do rejoice with you in all the Lord has done over these last 50 years and I am sure He will lead and greater will be the fruitfulness in the future. May the Lord truly bless you all as you labour so faithfully for Him.

"I am now 83 years old but nearly 55 years ago I went to North India with WEC hoping to commence work with the Leprosy & Medical Crusade which did not eventuate and I was tranferred to The Mission to Lepers (now The Leprosy Mission). At the end of my first furlough (1955) I returned to the work in the Chandag Leprosy Home, Pithoragarh, UP and took a gramophone and records in Hindi and Urdu and the only one available in the Kumaoni dialect, with me. These records were played over and over again to the patients and were a very real blessing not only to the inpatients but also to the outpatients who came. Our Bible woman (with the women) and Bible man (with the men) used them constantly along with personal talks with these patients. The Kumaoni record was especially a very great favourite and in time it was 'worn out' and unfortunately I could not obtain another as you had no more records in stock. I was then moved to another Home where again I was able to use several records with so many listening intently and they were a blessing to our Christians there, too.

"Although I left India in 1962 GR and LRI have ever been in my daily prayers and I do rejoice in the way the work has grown and the mighty blessing the recordings have been to so many. May the work with its fruitfulness go on until that glorious day when Jesus returns."

from a local supporter in Australia

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