Ministry Update: GRN Around the World

Ministry Update: GRN Around the World

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Ethiopia: Sheba Recording Project

Andrew Kanu, the GRN Sierra Leone director is leading a team of West Africa recordists to Ethiopia later this year for the Sheba Recording Project. This is an initiative in partnership with local churches to provide the audio gospel in 30 languages that are without Christian resources. But first he will be visiting some of the target areas with local Christian leaders to line up contacts for the recording work. Doing good research on the peoples, their beliefs and worldview helps the recordists be better prepared to have appropriate materials ready to record.

Togo: Penetrating the darkness

Islam in Togo is often mixed up with ancestral ceremonies. An example is the traditional knife festival where the men demonstrate their power by cutting themselves with knives without spilling any blood. They have often used this power as a protection when they fight their enemies. Our GRN Togo team is looking for ways to tell the story of Jesus among the Muslim communities believing that only God's Word can change the hearts of these people. A start was made during a recent knife festival when the team distributed 200 cassettes and CDs among the Tem people, a group which practices idolatry at a high level. Pray that the gospel will penetrate the darkness and shine the light of Christ in hearts God has made for Himself.

Thailand: Language helper becomes a Christian

Two of our GRN Thai team spent a month recording in the Nyaw and Yoy languages of Northeast Thailand. The elderly Yoy landlord of the place where the team was staying volunteered to help them record the Yoy language. When they started she knew nothing about Christ. By the time they left she had trusted in Christ. Pray for this lady, that her faith would not fail. Her family opposes her leaving the traditional mix of Animism and Buddhism. The team hopes to record more with her in the future.

PNG: Digging deeper

For several years now Sybil Shaw, a recordist with GRN Australia, has been visiting the Milne Bay area of Papua New Guinea to record Christian materials. Working in partnership with SIL, Sybil has recorded 40 programs in 14 languages. She plans to return this year to continue work on more of the 23 languages in that area. One of the Bible translators who helped Sybil record the gospel of Mark says, "As I play the recording, people come to really understand the good news in their own tongue. From listening to the recordings people dig deeper into God's Word than when I just read it to them!"

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