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Tunen: Itundu (Speech variety #17785)

Speech Variety Code:#17785
Speech Variety Name:Tunen: Itundu
Status:Needs Verification
Registry Of Dialects (ROD) Code:Does not qualify
ISO 639-3 Language Code:tvu
ISO 639-3 Language Name: Tunen
ISO Macrolanguage Name: 
Ethnologue 16th Edition Code:
Ethnologue 16th Edition Name:
GRN Name:Tunen: Itundu
Number of speakers:35300
Other Information:
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Alternate names for Tunen: Itundu


Where Tunen: Itundu is spoken


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Tunen: Ni Nyo'o

If you have more information about the Tunen: Itundu language, please contact the ROD Steward.