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Prospect property hiding in the trees
Prospect property hiding in the trees

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Ray explaining our recording equipment display
Appreciating our old players
Sybil demonstrating a recording session
Chris working on a recording - note the special acoustic panelling on studio walls
Climate controlled storage for
our recorded media
The Saber under construction
Some of the interesting things in the workshop

When we think of 'the Great Commission', it can be easy to imagine missionaries wading through waist deep piranha infested rivers, risking their lives to take God's message of salvation to those who have never heard it. Whilst that is very much a part of God's calling to some, it is not to all. Some of us risk our lives by living in big cities - such as Sydney.

Jesus likened the unreached souls of the earth to a harvest field: "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. ..." Spoken over two thousand years ago, these words are just as relevant today. There are still thousands, if not millions of unreached peoples that need to hear the saving gospel message before it's too late for them.

Global Recordings Network tells the story of Jesus in every language through recordings. As a resource provider to the Church, we enable the effective communication of God's word to people who cannot or will not read, and also for those who do not have the Scriptures in their own language. We offer many opportunities to be involved in strategic ministry that will potentially impact hundreds of people groups.

As the name suggests, GRN is a global mission organisation. Opportunities for staff and volunteers are always available at GRN within Australia as well as overseas. People can be involved as full or part-time members, or as volunteer workers. There is flexibility in all areas. Some of the opportunities require skilled workers and other positions need only commitment and reliability. Interested? Take a quick walk with me through the GRN Australia Centre and see what the needs are.

First stop is the Ground Floor - the entrance foyer. Our first official tour stop is on the first floor - we can climb the stairs or take the lift.

Now we are in our Reception and General Office area on the first floor. This department looks after the administration and finance of the mission. We need people with skills in accounting, marketing and promotions, human resources and OH&S, and general office work. There is always a deadline to meet and something to do.

Travel down the hall and into our large kitchen and lunchroom area. GRN frequently holds events where meals are required and this kitchen has been kitted out to be well suited to the catering requirements.

Just across from here is our Information Systems department, filled with Information Technology Specialists. As computer technology is constantly advancing, so too are the GRN technical requirements. Professional people are needed with expertise in web design and development, and application development.

Next we take a trip upstairs (or in the lift) to the second floor where our International Director has his office. Our large conference room is on this floor where GRN staff and any guests meet for daily prayer. Next to the conference room there is an area with the most wonderful skylight which gives this floor a very airy and spacious feel. This floor also houses our three tenants: Wycliffe, Crossroad Bible Institute and Interserve.

Now it's time to descend to the ground floor. We start by entering the Audio/Recording area. This part of the Centre houses a recording studio, editing rooms and duplication equipment. This area was purpose built and specifically designed to meet the requirements of our audio team. Of course - there are always vacancies for people wanting to do audio work - some are on site and some involve travel overseas to other GRN offices and to remote locations. The kinds of people needed include audio engineers, trainers, linguists and language researchers, video producers, and field recordists.

The GRN Australia Centre is office, studio, despatch and production. The next phase of our walk is to the Despatch area - where you'll see stock on hand ready to be shipped, an interesting array of tape dispensers and a very dangerous looking guillotine.

Right next to here is the Production area. The SABER MP3 player is assembled here and many people are required to assist in this crucial area. Workers are needed for basic assembly tasks, production management, research and development, and engineering support.

Assembly of the SABER involves several steps; from soldering, to gluing and screwing the unit together. Every step is a vital part of the process and volunteers are required to work as part of the production team. No experience is necessary, we provide training. Those with more skills in the assembly area could use their gifts as an Assembly Supervisor, overseeing production and the volunteer workers.

If you have engineering skills, we have fulfilling work for you. As a technical researcher you would have the opportunity to further develop new players that will spread the Gospel message to many people who have never heard it. The possibilities to use your gifts to extend God's kingdom are endless!

Right on through these double doors and we're out into the Manufacturing area. Many components of the Saber are created here, some using highly sophisticated equipment that can only be operated by qualified personnel, and others are made using very simple GRN-constructed 'gadgets'. Something in this area for everyone's level of skill.

From here you can see over into the Warehouse area but we'll not be visiting because now it's time to head into the last leg of our trip........

This last leg of our trip requires no travel at all. Instead, we are asking for your support in the most vital way of all, PRAYER! We need prayer for staff and volunteers - in fact, all areas of the mission.

Could you fill one of these positions in GRN? Or do you know someone who might? Please contact us for more details.

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