Distribution and Beyond Continues

Distribution and Beyond Continues

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Personal Visits with the Hmong and Karen Sgaw

In a continued effort to personally deliver Good News recordings to villagers, a GRNT team visited Hmong (White) and Karen Sgaw of Mae Hee in August. They partnered with a Korean outreach team, who hosted a worship seminar for teenagers, during which GRN's Creation to Christ and New Birth CDs in Hmong (White) languages were distributed.

This past May over 100 CDs of Good News recordings in the Hmong (Blue) language were distributed to the Hmong in a village of 50 homes. The GRNT team joined with a local church from Chiang Mai making house to house visits, encouraging and praying for each of the families.

Good News recordings and booklets in the Karen Sgaw language were produced in May of this year, after Phet, GRNT's staff worker, worked with Nan, an intern from Bangkok Bible Seminary (BBS). Both Phet and Nan are Karen Sgaw. GRN's original Good News recordings in Karen Sgaw were done in Burma, so recordings had to be adapted for the Karen Sgaw of Thailand.

In addition, GRNT's team met with a Karen Sgaw pastor in the Mae Waang province, who listened to the Good News CD in the Karen Sgaw language using the Saber player.

The pastor was given ten CDs to distribute to other villages.

"We wanted to get feedback from the pastor to know if the recording was a clear translation," said Field Recordist Lot. "We also listened to his testimony, of his difficulties pastoring in the mountains, of his going bird hunting with the villagers and sharing God's love with them on a daily basis. He encouraged us to continue building relationships with the people, first, as many villages do not welcome Christians. This prepares the way for sharing the message of Christ."

Volunteer's Vision Broadened by GRNT's Personal Distribution

A farewell celebration was held in September for Dorothy Erickson, a retired missionary, who volunteered as a certified TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign Language) teacher to GRNT staff for three months. Having used GRN materials during her time of service with the Fulani people in the Central African Republic, Dorothy was familiar with GRN's work, but was surprised to learn of GRNT's personal involvement with distribution.

While volunteering, Dorothy had the opportunity to visit the Lisu of Mae Taeng, where the GRNT team checked and evaluated several recordings in several dialects of the Lisu language. In addition to checking recordings, the team visited with villagers and prayed for those with health issues. "I didn't know GRN was as much involved in personal distribution," commented Dorothy. "They see distribution as an opportunity for evangelism and for developing relationships with the villagers themselves."

Dorothy also learned more about the full scope of preparation in making a recording. She worked with GRNT staff to provide feedback on past Thai scripts. "They always want to upgrade what's been done to keep it relevant for today. It's tedious work, often times sitting in front of a computer all day, but they are committed to excellence. GRNT is a special place with a special cause, that of getting the Gospel out to those who have not heard. My life is richer because I came", she added.

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