Sabers Spark Interest In Nepal

Listening to the Saber
Listening to the Saber

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Evangelist using a Saber mp3 player
Evangelists reporting on how they are using GRN resources
Our materials are also used by short term missions

by Christine Platt
Edited by Wendy Bytheway

GRN Nepal has a unique system of working with the local church and equipping it with resources to aid pastors, evangelists and children's workers. They estimate that some 250,000 Nepalis heard the Good News through GRN recordings in 2012.

An evangelist comes to GRN Nepal wanting to buy a Saber mp3 player. He is offered the opportunity to rent one cheaply. The advantage to him is that the Saber will be maintained without cost except that he must return to report what he has been doing with the machine.

Our Nepali team receive valuable feedback on the recordings and how they're being received. The evangelists are encouraged and pick up valuable ideas and training. The Sabers are being well used and kept running.

Evangelist, Nawaraj writes: "I always keep this Saber with me, this player is my friend. With this Saber player I have been in many villages. Whenever I see villagers sitting in the sun or gathering anywhere I start to play messages for them. Many of my neighbours also borrow this player from me, turn by turn, and most of them say this is really good material which talks about a different god. Many people accepted the Lord through my Saber use (he then lists a series of villages and individuals). There are many more people who showed their interest to know more about Jesus. Thank you for this material. May God bless you. Nawaraj"

Satya writes: "Jaimashi (Nepali Christian greetings), thank you GRN and we thank our God for providing us a Saber player for our outreach. We shared the Gospel in Sunuwar and Tamang languages, and after hearing the Gospel in their own language they said, 'this foreign religion we can hear in our own language too.' They were very much interested and they listened for two hours. Some people said, 'they are getting dollars and they are selling their own religion' but others said, 'there is only one God so all are the same.' One old man said, 'but this sounds like different message so we have to listen to this.'

"Near this village I have a small veterinary shop where I invited people to listen more and get materials. After this trip one Saturday about 40 people came into my shop. Some were Newar, Braman, Tamang, Sunuwar and they said, 'let us hear more' so at first I played for them and later on they took a turn to listen by themselves. Some of them wanted to take these materials and listen in home; they said, 'we would like to play for our family too.' So, I distributed some cassettes and CDs to them. They were asking for Saber players but I could not give them.

"In my village the work is going on so rapidly. Many new people are coming to our church; we have baptised six people so far from this Saber evangelism. I am only being able to write you what is happening but I am so sorry I could not give you photo of our activities because I don't have camera.

Please, pray one day God will provide one. At last again thank you for your ministry. In the Lord's service, Satya."

We give thanks to God for this unique ministry and for the many Nepalis who are coming to faith in Christ.

If you would like to fund a Saber into Nepal, you can give here, designating your gift as 'Sabers for Nepal'

Please Pray . . .

  • For our GRN Nepal team who are making recordings and running this Saber loan program.
  • For God to raise up more churches, evangelists, pastors and teachers.
  • For the provision of more Sabers in Nepal (they are currently out of stock).

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