Partnership in Action

Partnership in Action

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Church Service in Nepal
January 2013 Short Term Mission to Nepal
During a short term mission the international team members will show pictures and play the Saber recordings. The local team then share with those who want to hear more

GRN Australia's partnership with the Bible Society of Australia and GRN Nepal is entering its third and final year. With the help of funds provided through the Bible Society, GRN Nepal has been able to make new recordings, print Bible picture books and do a huge amount of distribution of recordings, audiovisual materials and hand wind Cassette and mp3 Saber players through local ministry partners in Nepal. In 2012, Gospel materials were distributed in 52 different language groups within Nepal.

Approximately 250,000 people had the opportunity to hear the good news. People have come to faith in Christ, churches have been started, pastors and ordinary Christians encouraged and equipped to reach out with the good news.

Here are some highlights:

  • Despite severe opposition one entire Tibetan Buddhist village has come to know the Lord and a church has been started there.
  • In the far east of the country, two small Hindu villages have come to know the Lord and a church has started there also.
  • In one village in the central region where the people are known for being thieves, about 58 children's clubs have started through the use of the LLL (Look, Listen & Live) picture book series. Through the children many of their family members have started attending church.

Letter of Thanks from NIM Bhaltar Church

"Dear GRN Family, Thank you very much for providing us SABER players with materials. Last month 22 of us went out to surrounding villages to share the Gospel. We walked about six hours every day for one week and divided into groups to share the Gospel. It was easy to gather people because of the GRN picture books. GRN's recordings in the Tamang, Magar and Rai languages were very useful. We realise there are not many people who can read tracts so this audio method was very effective. Many people showed their interest so we distributed some CDs to them. We thank you for this very useful tool. We will be using this more in future."

Blind Evangelist uses GRN resources

"...Agape Church is being blessed by the material which GRN provided; LLL series is being very useful for our outreach. We have been using these materials among children, youth and adults. One evangelist is blind, this material is very useful to him also. In our children's fellowship every day we see new children coming, we have 7 new young people who started to come to church after hearing and seeing the LLL materials. Our evangelists SB and IK go village to village with this material; they told us that 4 sisters from Newari tribe accepted the Lord, now they are regularly coming to our fellowship. They walk for two hours, to come to our fellowship. Others have been using this material in the children's fellowship for the last three months, we now have 21 new children coming regularly..."

Agape Church, Panepa

Nepal Church Update

There are still unreached and largely unreached people groups in Nepal. GRN Nepal is working hard to provide recordings of God's good news in the small handful of language groups with as yet, no Christian witness, and to provide materials to the hundreds of eager believers who will use them to reach out to their families, neighbours and nearby villages.

Our thanks to the Bible Society and to God for all that He is doing to build His church in the land of Nepal.

Please pray with us:

  • There are still unreached and largely unreached people groups in Nepal. Please pray for salvation of souls in these areas.
  • There are still language groups in Nepal with as yet, no Christian witness. Please pray for GRN Nepal to be able to produce recordings for them in the near future.
  • Please pray for the spiritual growth of local believers, and that they will continue to reach out to their families, neighbours and nearby villages.
  • Please pray for the right partnerships for GRN around the world. These partnerships can greatly increase our effectiveness.

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