South Sudan Breakthrough!

South Sudan Breakthrough!

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God is working in South Sudan. A collaboration focused on sharing the Gospel, planting churches and building peace is yielding exciting results. As leaders are brought together to process the Biblical call and mission of the Church, God is speaking to his Church in South Sudan.

Coming together across denominational lines, the Church is mobilizing. With the help of Global Recordings Network, thousands are hearing the Good News of the Gospel in their own language. Indigenous teams are moving state by state and county by county equipped with solar powered video and audio equipment. The teams present the Jesus Film and establish community listening groups. These listening groups come together to hear the Good News and other Bible stories in their own language, using content recorded by GRN. Additionally, GRN is partnering with Greater Reach Alliance, a grassroots indigenous ministry formed to unite the Church in South Sudan for greater kingdom impact. Through this partnership, GRN is helping to identify groups that have yet to hear the Gospel in their language and to begin recording the Gospel message and key Bible stories.

This year, in South Sudan's largest and most populated state, Jonglei, indigenous teams have shown the Jesus film to over 120,000 people in three months, and 190 listening groups have been established, all with GRN content. Two language groups in Jonglei, the Jie and the Cachipo, had no Bible content in their language. But with the help of GRN's Kenya team, two hours of the Gospel message and Bible stories are now recorded in Cachipo and Jie is in production.

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