Conheça a Equipe Internacional da GRN

O papel da Equipe Internacional é colaborar com as atividades e o funcionamento da GRN para que esta complete sua missão de "contar a história de Jesus em todas as línguas".

  • Global Studio Coordinator (GSC) AUS. Coordinates GRN studio processes for the receiving, processing and storage of audio programs and associated data.

  • GRN International Director and Chair of International Leadership Team. Trained as a chemical engineer, Graydon studied theology, served 12 years with Interserve in Pakistan and Bahrain, and 12 years CEO of GRN Australia.

  • Language Tracking Coordinator (LTC) USA. Oversees the gathering, analysing and distributing language information to support recording and distribution projects.

  • Global Information Systems Team Coordinator (GISTC) AUS. Manages the Global Information Systems Team as it provides IT support to many aspects of GRN work.

  • Recordist Training Coordinator (RTC) Thailand. Coordinates the training of those involved in recording operations.

  • Technical Team Coordinator (TTC) AUS. Coordinates research and evaluation of recording equipment and technology and provides advice to the network.

  • Global Prayer Coordinator (GPC) USA. Gathers and disseminates strategic prayer information for the network.

  • International Script Committee Coordinator (ISCC) USA. Chairs the International Script Committee in the evaluation, checking, and development of scripts for recording.

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