Forwards Forever! The Gospel Changes Lives in Nigeria

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Nigerian speaker

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Many African tribes have "blind singers" who sing each night in their villages about their tribe's history, customs and traditions. Once a missionary gave some Gospel Recordings cassettes and tape players to some of these blind singers in several villages. These singers listened to the Bible stories on the cassettes and then began to sing the same stories in their traditional style. Their prestige in the villages rose to greater heights now that they had entered the electronic age!

Tribal people and Muslims alike are particularly responsive to the spoken word and to stories, and God has blessed the use of our message tapes, especially in Nigeria. Kish Bai, one of our Nigerian recordists, recently went on a recording trip with the intent of recording evangelism messages in three languages. But the Lord enabled him to record six!

One of those languages was that of the Kutin people, who number about 20,000. Their religion is a combination of animism and Islam. Daniel, a new believer, had agreed to be the native voice -- what we call the language helper -- on the Kutin cassette that Kish was recording, but he faced severe opposition from his father. His father sent Daniel's wife back to her parents until he denounced his new-found religion. But Daniel told him, "Dad, I am assuring you that backwards never and forwards forever." His words and the grace of God changed the father's mind and he allowed Daniel to complete the recordings that we pray will touch many of the Kutin people.

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