A Good Place to Vacation ????

A Good Place to Vacation ????

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by E.peen

On my last recording trip in Mexico, I discovered that Maruata, Michoacán would be a great place to vacation. Unfortunately, New Age hippies have known this for years.

These people have adopted this rustic and beautiful coastal town, home of Nahuatl Indians. It's a perfect setting for their rituals to sea, sun and moon. Though they would seem to be minding their own business, their activities have kept wide open the doors to spiritual oppression and bondages that could hinder the Indians receptivity to the Gospel.

"Listen to this part, this is important..." Eustolia nudged her husband, and both leaned closer to the tape player. We met Eustolia when looking for someone to help check finished messages in Nahuatl.

The first woman we'd approached clammed up as soon as she discovered the evangelistic nature of our recordings. She suggested we visit "the lady over there who doesn't do anything all day." What the woman said about Eustolia wasn't true. It was just another jab because she wasn't like the rest of them - she had found security in Jesus.

As Eustolia listened to the recording, her comments showed she was learning, finding answers to her questions. She was thirsty but didn't have a Bible or anyone to teach her.

How many more are there like Eustolia? And how many Nahuatl haven't even heard about Jesus? There is great need for spiritual materials in their dialect. The good news is that a Bible translation is in progress.

Meanwhile, the recording we made has messages about a relationship with Jesus, victory over sin and spiritual growth. We also did a picture book series that follows the thread of salvation from creation through Christ and wraps up with Christian living. May these tools be used to raise up and nourish the church among the Nahuatl.

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