Outreach and distribution in Dangme

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"Go into all the world and proclaim the good to every creature."

With our mandate very clear and the urgency of the time non-negotiable, we feel that if there is anything for us to do in terms of World mission this is the time. Therefore it s my greatest joy and privilege to report on the recent Outreach to the Dangmes.

As most of you our prayer partners received prayer alert for the programme, you will notice that the trip took us to Anyamam, Lolonya, Goi and Akplabaya.

The GR Ghana Team worked in cooperation with Tema First Baptist Church in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The Local Pastor in charge at the Dangme Area was Pastor Anthony Nartey and with the assistance of the Local Evangelistic Team we were able to reach the 200 houses in the 3 main towns.


There was a 3-member team that visited 70 houses for 2 days. There was so much openness to the gospel. We shared and distributed the Look, listen and live booklets and cassettes in the language per household, taught the people and asked for commitment that they will listen to the word so that they will answer question the next day. This strategy worked so much as we saw the people sharing what they heard on the cassette and what the pictures mean, as well as to them.

At this village a group of women in a house we visited were able to tell us the salvation message and what it meant to them. Another group of young men whom we believe have been misled by wrong teaching asked dozens of question based on what they have heard on the tape. This led to good responses and decisions; moreover the people were given the picture booklet and the cassette which will enable them to learn more, as well as the local believers able to follow them up.


This town is noted for her history of strong fetish or idol worship. People from all the Dangme area come here to consult with the many Fetish priests and priestesses. So Christian ministry tends to be very difficult. But the greatest miracle is that some Churches have made some inroads and the ministry of Gospel Recordings using the visual books and the cassettes drew a great attention to the extend that fetish priest were willing to receive it and listen. At Goi we set up 3 teams of three people each. They visited at least 100 homes and shared the gospel and answered questions on salvation and led people to Christ our Savior.

The outreach here was crowned with two night of film show that drew the whole town to the local school grounds. People walked from Lolonya to come and watch it. The film challenged lives there and many made public decision for the Lord Jesus.


The local church planned a day's outreach here and we gave the locals 200 picture booklets and Dangme cassettes. In the evening we held and open air meeting show two films on " Lost Forever" and "Rapture". There was a good response here too and many people made public decision for the Lord.


Due to time and the Team members being fishermen and farmers we could not take one extra day from them. So it was agreed that because they have seen the way it is done and have worked with us, 60 booklets and cassettes was allocated to them to start intensive evangelistic work and teaching with the materials.


In all we had four days of ministry and trained 10 people in doing evangelism using audio and visuals. This had a tremendous impact. The Sunday joint service with the Churches had five new people came to church, this is a great thing. It was believed that many more would be coming. At the time of filing this report, I have received information that the materials were doing great work. The Pastors of the first Baptist came to see me before my departure from the area and were very much pleased with the report they received from the Local Pastor and believers of the assistance GR Team had given to the work there. A total of 400 Goodnews and Look, Listen and Live picture booklets and 400 cassettes was distributed. Also 4 hand wind players were given to the evangelistic teams for their work

I personally want to express our gratitude to all those that donated for this outreach, that we could buy materials needed and also pay for the transport and repair our vehicle. An equal thanks to the many believers and Churches that were praying for us during the period. I know that you sent us out there and stood with us throughout. We say from the office of Gospel Recordings (home of the voices of the nations), that thank you and God bless you richly.

Humbly submitted,

Philip Tutu, National Director, 10th June, 2002

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