Recording in Slovenia

Recording in Slovenia

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This is a recording project we had been hoping to do for quite a long time. I had sent scripts to our contact, Andrej, back in early 2007, and we kept in touch by e-mail. He had worked steadily on the scripts and he contacted me 3 weeks ago to say he had the 9 translations finished and had a free week in August before he recommenced Bible College in September. We jumped at the opportunity to capture these recordings and set off from London Stansted on 18th August. We arrived in Treviso airport in Venice in lovely sunshine and a temperature of 30 degrees.

Our friend Andrej picked us up and took us the 2 hours to his family home where we were warmly welcomed by his parents and brother, Brannie.

They live in a little village surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, with lakes, rivers and flowers everywhere. They treated us like royalty the whole week we were there and his parents are both wonderful cooks and we enjoyed their fellowship and delicious food. The countryside is so clean and the houses are very pretty. From a tourist perspective it must be one of Europe's best kept secrets. It's a hard life being a recordist!

Next day we began recording the "Good News" and "Look, Listen and Live 1-8" scripts in Slovenian. Andrej and Brannie had done a wonderful job of the translation, grammar and checking the scripts. As one recorded with us the other one did final tweaking of the translation and checked the final recording.

Andrej and his family travel each week to their church which is 50 km from their home. There are very few evangelical churches in the whole country, with only 3,000 born again believers in the whole country. There are Catholic churches in every village and hill and much worship of Mary exists. Like many other countries we travel to, there is much secularism and very little concern for God and His ways. However, the people are friendly and very welcoming.

During our time with Andrej and his family we spent a lot of time in prayer. We prayed for revival not only in Slovenia but through the rest of Europe and Russia. These lovely believers are very isolated but have such a strong faith and they enjoyed our fellowship and encouragement, as we did theirs. We always acknowledge that it's not always about our recording work that God uses when we go on our mission trips but simply the fact that we went.

In the afternoons during the week we visited several beautiful views of the mountains and lakes and learned details of Slovenia's history during wars and invasions over the generations. It's amazing how these things can affect people's thinking, concept and opposition to Christianity.

There are many Slovenian speakers all over the world, including Italy, Australia, Canada, America, Argentina, Austria, Germany, UK and others. We hope to supply these recordings on CD and cassette and some on DVD. After we get them edited they will be available to download from our web site from any one of these countries around the world. This is the exciting thing about the internet, when used for God's Glory.

We want to thank those people who prayed especially for our trip. It was a wonderful experience for Joan and me and we praise The Lord for His goodness.

Kenny & Joan McKee

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