Some Things are Crystal Clear

Some Things are Crystal Clear

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I have been reading recently from the book of Revelation and there are many things there that can be quite confusing. But there are some things that are crystal clear.

One thing that is very clear: in the great spiritual conflict which rages over time and space, the outcome is not in doubt! There is a very real presence of evil in our world which results in all kinds of suffering. But the time will come when God, the righteous judge, will put all things right. Evil will be dealt with and justice will be done. God's will and his purposes will prevail and God's people will share in an eternity of blessedness in his presence. Praise God!

Another thing that is clear is that the prayers of God's people come before him. (Rev 5:8, 8:3f). We may not always see or understand God's answers, but let us not doubt that his ears are open to the cry of his people. Rather let us continue to call out to him on behalf of the lost, the oppressed and the needy. Let us cry out to him for justice. Let us pray that his name will be lifted up among the nations and that millions will be drawn to him.

Graydon Colville

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