Reports of an outreach in Togo

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From the 27th May 2002 to 3rd June 2002 , our team held a distribution outreach among the Tala:Agomeglozou in the region of Afagnan . The Tala is the language spoken by a tribe known as the Agomeglozou. The Agom?ozou are a revering tribe deeply rooted in idolatry as it is customary for revering tribes . For instance in the central village of Agomeglozou alone, we could number more than 16 different idols . This has for long hindered this tribe from coming to the Lord .


We spent three days in the area. The first evening, there was much trouble from some youth. But as we were praying against that strategy of the devil, the miracle did happen. The Jesus Film was successfully shown and about 60 people gave their lives to the Lord. The next day we had many people come to us for prayer and counseling. Among them was a young man who for long was an adept of a dangerous cult in the village. We prayed for him and he was instantly delivered. He brought out all the items of that cult and we burnt them. After that we did door-to-door evangelism by playing messages in Tala and distributing the cassettes. We were able to distribute 150 cassettes and 33 other persons have given their lives to the Lord. This makes a total of 93 new converts there. About 30 of them attended the first meeting of Bible teaching. We worked there with the Assemblies of God Church.


The second village visited was Agbetiko. Agbetiko had the same religions background as Agomeglozou, with almost the same number of idols. The difference is that Agbetiko was less synchretic but more idolatrous. We worked with the church of Pentecost. The result here is great. A total of 103 persons have received Jesus-Christ as their Savior. We spent 4 days in the village and many of them attended the first meeting of Bible teaching. In fact the classroom chosen for the meeting was full. The next Sunday ,29 adults came to the first service. The new converts were very eager to have a new church building for them to commence their worship there. In a conclusion, 196 people gave their lives to the lord during the Tala: Agomeglozou outreach. 350 cassettes were distributed in the two villages, we expect greater results from their use.


We thank God for the Video Projector we have been able to purchase. Pray for Pastor Donald Lee who supported financially. We have also bought another Amplifier to replace the old one.


Pray for the new converts in both villages. May they make the difference in order to show the blessings hidden in our God. - The new converts were very eager to have a new church building for them to commence their worship there. Let us pray with them. - We ought to replace our generator too. In fact this generator was purchased by AudioGospel Switzerland since 1998. It helped us a lot for our field work but is completely worn out now. We hired generator to finish this outreach. We need almost $650 to purchase it including duty.


In June we are planning to record Boubla messages in Benin. In June we plan to distribute in IJE Language in Benin too. May God bless you richly.

Sodalo Clement
The National Representative

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