The Numbers of Culiacan Project 2014

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141 Languages

CDs - DVD's given away = 9095

Participants in the Project = 62

This year in the fields, we distributed DVD's, containing audiovisual Good News and were able to share with young people messages via bluetooth. Also we gave a few dozen New Testaments in Spanish along with hundreds of colorful bracelets with the message of salvation.

This year we have heard testimonies, not only, of what God did in the agricultural fields, there are also testimonies of what God did with the participants.

Every year we have some participants who speak an indigenous language in particular and this year's participants included three Mixtepec Mixtec speakers.

Saul one of the Mixtec told us throughout the whole project he was hoping to find someone who spoke the same language, to give away CDs to, but that did not happen.

The last day of the project, Saul prayed to God for the opportunity to speak with someone from his own language group.

That afternoon we attempted to visit a large field but we were not given permission to enter. We could do the distribution and evangelism off the field because it was flea market day.

A volunteer team searched for Saul to tell him they had presented cds to young people in the Mixteco language Mixtepec. Saul rejoiced and went looking for them, taking more cds. When he found them he shared with them in their own language. These young people asked for a church, and Saul gave them an address of a church close to them. Saul finished his day with joy, finished the project with joy because God heard his prayer.

Saul had shared the gospel in the Mixtec Mixtepec. Last year the Gospel of Luke was recorded in this language, glory to God!

Another young man named Jonathan wrote: When I went to Culiacan , I really thought that this trip would achieve little but thank God it was not as I thought. God forgive me for that!

In fact this mission trip impacted me. I have seen the work of God that manifested in the lives of the people in the camps and also the missionaries serving there. Although my heart was broken to see the conditions that families were living in, I felt happy that they had received the gospel message of Christ in their own languages. Their children also felt happy to see the films containing the gospel.

I thank God for giving me this interesting oppurtunity to serve in Culiacan. It really is a great privilege that I never deserved. Thanks for letting me see lives transformed, the smiles of the children and also to know many friends who have that desire to serve you.

To God be the Glory!

We thank you for your prayers and support, although we had a difficult return journey due to a fault in one of the vans and were hours late, God cared for us and we are in Oaxaca.

Please pray for the following needs:

  • For the families who received the cds, when they return to their villages cds history still talking the language of Jesus in them.
  • We need to update the equipment we use (burners cds, video projectors and speakers)
  • Vehicles need repairs or a vehicle in top condition.
  • We need a equipment to share audio messages via bluetooth, with the value of 1600 dls.

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