Bangladesh: A Pastor's Experience

GRN stall at the Baptist Convention
GRN stall at the Baptist Convention

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The GRN Bangladesh team attended a Baptist Convention and hosted a GRN stall for distribution and promotional work. For 12 years Pastor S. had been doing the pastoral work at the local Baptist Church. Pastor S.*. visited the GRN Stall at the convention to see the Flipcharts and was inspired to purchase a set for his own evangelism work.

When Pastor S. visited the tribal people, he visited house to house sharing the Good News using the GRN Flipcharts. He found it easy to communicate the story of Jesus using the flipcharts and found that the people paid close attention to the story and listened carefully.

There was a lady called Rupa* who lived beside a Christian family. Her husband worked in India and only visited his home in Bangladesh twice in a year. Eventually he failed to visit his family altogether. Rupa finally learnt that her husband had married again. Her children had married so she lived alone. She had a little land which was her only means of support.

On one of his visits to Pastor S. started to share the Good News with Rupa's Christian neighbours.

Rupa had a good relationship with the Christian family the Pastor normally visited. She visited the family often but she remained strong in her own religion.

One day Pastor S. shared the Good News by showing the Flip-charts and Rupa wanted to see the beautiful coloured pictures and to listen to "the Jesus story" the Pastor was sharing. She became more interested in listening to the Bible story and finally one day she asked Pastor S. to know more about Jesus and the Bible. The Pastor invited her to Church. but she was afraid of her son who was staying nearby so she invited the pastor to come to her house instead to share the Bible story. The Pastor visited her from time to time to share the Good News and two years later she had accepted Jesus Christ as her saviour and was baptised.

When her husband heard that she had become Christian then he threatened to return to Bangladesh and beat her and remove her from her home. The local people ostracised her. Unhappy with their mother's decision, her son asked her not to mix with Christian people and requested she live with him.

But Rupa said even if she is tortured, whatever trials come upon her, she will never leave the Christian Faith as she had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray for Rupa that she may stand firm and praise God for the transforming power of the Gospel presented through the GRN flipcharts.

* names have been changed.

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