Recordings to Chad

Recordings to Chad

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This is a friend of ours from Chad in Africa. His name is Amos and his language is Gabri-Kimre. He worked for many years as part of the translation team putting the New Testament into his language.

For the past few years we have been recording this new translation to play on audio. About 50% of the people in this group can't read or write.

We have been able to put all the New Testaments books that we have recorded onto 4 of our Saber MP3 players, so the people there can hear the word in their own language. We also gave him some sets of colourful Bible picture flip charts, solar panels and some small booklets to give out.

Amos lives in the UK, but in a few weeks he is returning to Chad with his family for a short visit and is delighted to take these recordings and resources there.

He will delivery some of these materials to friends in the capital city N'Djamena and the rest will be taken out to the remote villages where there is a Gabri-Kimre speaking Bible College for trainees pastors and evangelists. Most of them go there with their families for 4 years. Most would only have been to school to age 12, so these resources will be really useful for them in their training and for use in their future ministries.

We look forward to seeing some photos when they return. If you'd like to help send out more of our materials, please contact me by phone (UK 01494 568893) or by email.

God Bless you.
Kenny McKee

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