Project Mozambique

Your donation will assist the distribution of teaching materials to new believers in Mozambique

Photo: Chris and Camica - distributing GRN material

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Leaders together on Marromeu Islands, loading follow-up content on the Saber players and briefing each other.

Coworker and missionary Chris Hemborough - excerpt from Chris's correspondence:

"In the rural areas there are a considerable number of adults who never had the opportunity of attending school, which is why a high number cannot read. For such people this work is very important because the word of God can inspire hope in people, and that hope enables people to face the many difficult challenges that they have to deal with. So for those people unable to read, the players and pictures help to open up the Bible and so provide them with greater access to God's Word which before they might not have had. This work is therefore greatly appreciated by many, and helps to inspire in them both hope and faith in the Living God."
"I am writing to let you know that yesterday I dropped off Inacio in a rural area to open up the Sena audio work in a new area. He is travelling today by bike with a couple of other brothers who know the area to place three new players in different area."

Project Mozambique is a Christian organisation dedicated to working with the churches in the country of Mozambique to help them make a difference in their local communities. They do by providing support in the following areas:

  1. Producing material for children
  2. Recording parts of the Bible for playback in MP3 format
  3. Projecting videos which help to teach more of the Bible
  4. Providing support for church leaders
  5. Providing literature for both children and adults

The Project uses GRN flipcharts, hand crank cassette players, Saber MP3 players, Megavoice and Davar players.

Dalene Joubert from GRN has visited Project Mozambique twice, doing more recordings in partnership with them.

From our side we would also help to raise funds so that players and flipchart sets can be placed in new villages, that haven't heard the Message of the Bible.

You can donate by clicking here, designating your gift "Project Mozambique".

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