Printing Fund

Your donation will allow GRN to avoid corruption, freight difficulties and high customs charges by printing picture books locally

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A Printing Fund donation provides seed money to print GRN picture materials in various countries. This is often the best way to get these resources into some countries, taking into account freight difficulties, high customs charges, and corruption.

Here's a testimony from a Tibetan pastor:

"In 2010 with the support from GRN we began to share the gospel more openly because we found the material from GRN in their own language with nice bible pictures which really draw their attention.

The story which we were sharing; they could see in picture as well, by doing this, the way was open for us.

Then we visited them more frequently and gave them the seed, clothes and biblical materials provided by GRN. Few people accepted the lord at first. We started organizing discipleship training in the village and we also invited them to attend discipleship training in Tibetan church in Kathmandu. Soon after the training some of them were baptized in [withheld] and sent back to village."

For more information on the Printing Fund, please contact Mark Hughes.

Or you can give here, designating your gift to 'Printing Fund'

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