Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

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Choose a project to support and be involved in bringing the story of Jesus to the lost.

These are ongoing projects that have no end date. Donate as much or as little as God prompts - every bit helps towards the project.

For projects with specific goals or target amounts, check Major Projects for something to support.

  • You can play a significant role in reaching an unreached people group

  • Your church or organisation can play a significant role in reaching an unreached people group. from $2,000

  • Provide the resources for evangelists to reach a language group like the Amblong. $2,000 - $10,000

  • Help distribute CDs, Saber mp3 players, micro SD cards or other materials to a language group like the Quichua. From $99.00

  • Contribute to infrastructure in centres around the world - buildings, vehicles, equipment and training

  • Provide emergency relief to staff members or others in times of medical emergency, political strife, disaster or persecution.

  • Printing Fund - Funds the printing of GRN materials where they are needed, avoiding freight difficulties and costs.
  • Saber Player Distribution - Provide Sabers to national pastors and evangelists, covers the cost of the player and average freight and customs charges
  • Equip a Recordist - Equip a recordist with recording machine, microphones, headphones and other required equipment.
  • Support A National Worker - Many national workers face difficulties and make huge sacrifices as they serve God. Your gift will help them stay with the ministry.
  • Support A Recordist - Here is a way for you to get close to the action ... in Africa, in Asia, in South America and in the Pacific.

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