Verkondiging van het evangelie van Jezus Christus in elke taal


Wereldwijd nieuws en artikelen over het werk van Global Recordings Network.

How Shall They Hear?

GRN works to bring the gospel to another needy group - the non-literate deaf.


Recording the Gospel

Gospel Recordings shares Christ with speakers of isolated languages. From the "Power for Living" paper, 1999.


Can Sickness Be a Blessing?

An article from "Pressing On" - newsletter of the NT Missionary Union, a church planting fellowship working in 12 countries.



Articles about the characteristics of oral societies, and how to communicate the gospel to them.


Unreached Peoples


Verwante informatie

GRN near you: Find out more from your local GRN office. We are in over 30 countries around in the world.

The History of GRN: A God given vision of a single Spanish record has grown into a mission network of more than 30 countries and over 6,000 languages. Read how it all began.

What am I doing here?: Christine Brittingham talks about her time as a volunteer at Global Recordings Network Australia

Veelgestelde vragen: Veelgestelde vragen over de organisatie en bediening van Global Recordings Network

Do you communicate the gospel effectively?: Everyone planning an evangelism outreach, first needs to determine where on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs the target group is.

The True Cost of a Cassette: What is the true cost of making a recording of the Gospel for non-literate tribal people ... a cassette that proclaims the Lordship of Christ?

Some Difficulities of Cross-Cultural and Cross-Linguistic Evangelism: This is a memo on the problems of determining the language groups that need evangelism. These notes from a Paul Hattaway lecture during the recent recordist training provided much of the material.

Recording Snapshots 2: Kim Knight tells more stories of his recording trip to the Solomon Islands in April 2004

Recording Snapshots: Kim Knight tells stories of his recording trip to the Solomon Islands in April 2004

Easter Story from "The Living Christ": The Easter story as told through the GRN audio-visual called The Living Christ

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