In search of Nepal's Monkey Hunters

A rare picture of the elusive Raute tribe
A rare picture of the elusive Raute tribe

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For over ten years our GRN Nepal team has been trying to record the gospel for a small nomadic people called the Raute. This tribe numbers less than 300 people. Every few months or so, this group tears down their simple shelters and moves on. The Raute live on a diet of monkey meat and spend much of their time hunting them. To catch them, the tribal leaders chant incantations to cast spells over the monkeys while the other men make sounds unique to monkey hunting. These sounds make the monkeys run along the ground causing them to get caught in specially laid nets. Then the Raute men kill them with sticks.

There has been much opposition to the recording of this language. One time, our GRN Nepal director Barnabas Shrestha went to this tribe to ask about recording their language. The tribe was very resistant and said that the gods would not let them tell their language to anyone else.

On another occasion while Barnabas was in search of the Rautes, he went through many villages, some where the people practiced witchcraft. When evil spirits speak to the witches, they must offer a man sacrifice. This time, the spirits induced a witch to prepare poison which was put into Barnabas's food. He became violently ill and the word spread around the world to pray for his healing. Almost everyone who gets this type of poison dies, but in answer to prayer, Barnabas recovered. Now he is making plans to go back to the Raute with a new contact who believes that they will be successful in recording this language.

We believe that the time is drawing closer for the Rautes to hear the gospel and respond to it. Join with us in praising God for what He will soon do.

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