Return to the Solomons

Return to the Solomons

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GRN's interest in the Solomon Islands goes back a long way. The first Australian Director, Stuart Mill began his missionary work there and others over the years have made their contribution. Some may say it is one of the most "Christianised" countries in the world, and certainly, many of the people of that land identify themselves as "Christian". Much of the culture has been "Christianised" but evidence of dynamic, life-transforming Christianity is sparse. The internal conflicts of the past several years are evidence of this.

Many were affected by the ethnic tensions. Even GRN lost about A$5000 worth of materials such as Messenger players, picture charts and other printed material during the looting that went on.

Politically the situation is improving. There is a long way to go but peace and stability appear to be returning to the Islands. The economy is in poor condition but there are signs of hope. Much prayer is needed.

Opportunities are opening up for recording and distribution.

There is a great need for vernacular recordings, which communicate God's truth in the heart languages of the people. For the second year in a row, Kim Knight has spent several weeks in the Solomons recording the Good News in many languages. The work can be rewarding as people get enthusiastic about the recordings; and sometimes frustrating for example, when plans fall apart, language helpers don't turn up, transport arrangements go astray.

Graydon Colville made his first visit to the Solomon Islands to visit the LRI Base and accompany Kim on a recording trip.


In December this year we plan to send a team on Wokabaut to help in the distribution of some of these languages. Please pray for people to join the team and for the situation in the Islands to be peaceful.

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