It's just what they need!

It's just what they need!

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Among Migrants in Mexico

by a GRN staff member

"What can I get you to drink?" the friendly pastor offered with typical Mexican hospitality. "Cold water would be nice," I replied, and the two others with me agreed.

"Do you know of any migrant farm laborer camps in this area?" one of my friends burst forth. "We would like to share the Gospel with the Indians."

A grim look came to the man's face. "There certainly is nothing here like what you're looking for." I sensed the discouragement of my friends who had traveled with me for over nine hours on a lead that this small port town on the tip of Baja California was a landing point for Mexico's needy Indian migrant workers. Had our outreach team come all this way in vain?

"But you know, some Indians attend my church occasionally," said the pastor. "There is a small community on the edge of town. They sell handmade curios to the tourists. There are only a few people - I didn't think you would be very interested."

"The number certainly isn't really important," I replied. "We want to tell them of the love of Christ. Some of them may never hear of Him any other way than through our cassettes."

"What is this about cassettes?" asked the pastor.

"We have the message of salvation and some Christian teaching on cassettes in the different languages these Indians speak. We have tapes with us in over 250 of their languages."

"You have cassette tapes in all those languages?" asked the amazed pastor. "This..." he stopped. The sparkle in his eyes showed why. After a moment's pause he began again in a wavering voice. "These Indians are so hungry for the Word of God, but I can tell that they understand very little of my preaching. These cassettes are just what the people need!"

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