Good News is on the Way!

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The Jegu people of Chad in West Africa are pretty special to God, but they don't know it yet! Word has not yet reached them that there is One who loves them, and who hears their cries and feels their pain. One who has a plan to give them a hope and a future. But good news is on the way!

Several GR recordings teams are now in Chad to make evangelism cassettes for up to 30 of the lesser known languages. The teams will use the storytelling approach that Jesus often used and that most cultures enjoy.

Chad is a difficult country in which to work. Roads are poor and susceptible to bandits. The weather is hot and the Muslim and animistic strongholds are resistant. But the teams are confident that the God who lives in them will be strong in them each day to meet whatever trials they will encounter.

Eye has not seen nor ear heard what the Lord has prepared for the peoples of Chad. What a privilege to be part of God's plan to bring them such good news. And thank you too for being a part of helping make it happen.

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