Putting unreached peoples "on the map"

One of our recordists taping Bible stories for a people group in the Amazon region
One of our recordists taping Bible stories for a people group in the Amazon region

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Many groups, such as the Korwa of India, have never been photographed - so we don't know what they look like.
GRN mapping specialist Lyn Gamelson prepares many maps to assist our recordists in their pursuit of languages.

By Lyn Gamelson

Those of you who have received SOUNDS for years will have read many accounts of small tribes living in distant places you didn't even know existed. Yet as you have looked at the pictures you may have said to yourself, "Where in the world is that place, or where on earth does that tribe live?"

We on the language tracking team at Global Recordings Network try to answer those questions. We use a variety of resources to locate precisely remote villages and unreached peoples. We need to know where they are located so that we can make contact with them!

We begin with the excellent research done by the linguists and missionaries of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Through years of research they have categorized and located thousands of languages and listed them in their Ethnologue manual. By utilizing this information, and that from many other missions, locations can be approximated and maps made. Specialized mapping software has been developed allowing for digital cartography to be utilized in our work.

Now it is possible to locate unreached peoples accurately and really put them "on the map!" Using maps to locate exactly where they live helps us with our strategic planning to record the gospel for them.

The top picture on this page shows one of our recordists taping Bible stories for yet another people group in the Amazon region. We have a map that shows where they live.

Below that picture is another group...the Korwa of India. No...we didn't lose their photo! We don't know yet what they look like, because as far as we know, no one has yet gone to them or has even taken their photo. But we know they exist and we know where they live by looking at a map showing where their language is spoken. We even know which road to take to get to them! Your prayers for God to open up the way for one of our recording teams to go to these people are needed so that one more missing piece of the great commission puzzle can be completed.

Through your prayers and partnership, you can help us put a face with their name - and with hundreds of others like them!

Lyn Gamelson serves on the GRN language tracking team in Temecula, along with his wife Malinda.

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