Sabers in Kenya

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Stephen reports on the use of some GRN Saber players in Kenya

We flew in to Kenya in September. We had not been able to get in touch with anyone that we knew beforehand, so we took a bus into the village that we lived in for two years. We arrived in the center of town with our two year old son, and were warmly welcomed (as expected) by our old friends and neighbors. We were led to the same house that we used to live in which was cleared out for us. We reunited with our best friends, saw kids who had grown five years older, ate lots of meals with folks, and practiced speaking the ChiDuruma language.

The Sabers were distributed throughout the village. In addition to the Look, Listen & Live material, we loaded Matthew, Acts, and other important scriptures read aloud in ChiDuruma by a native speaker. All of the people were thrilled to receive the Saber. My best friend while living there travelled with me as we distributed most of them and helped to explain the use.

As we travelled around we heard the recordings being played even by those who outwardly reject Christianity. I'm sure that they were thrilled with the novelty of the device. We were pleased knowing that the word was going out, and remembering God's promise that it does not return empty.

As a background, this area of Kenya is on the coast and not necessarily as Christian as one would suppose. Folk Islam and nominal Christianity are the norm. Both of these mixed with the animism of Eastern Africa. This friend of mine had converted to Christianity during our time there. Upon returning, we found that he was not only a church leader, but actively involved in planting new church communities. We left him with several Sabers, for his personal/family use, as well as for the churches that he is working with in neighboring towns.

The two Sabers that were returned worked for a short period of time but then would not play. I wonder if I did not fully charge them well enough before the first use. If they can be refurbished and used again then by certainly God can redeem broken objects, just as he does broken people. I returned the rest of the screws, etc because we used the ones that we needed, and will not be returning to Kenya anytime soon.

My wife may be interested in looking at some of the other material that you have available. I'll have her be in contact with you.

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