Spellbound!- GRN materials for refugees in NY

Spellbound!- GRN materials for refugees in NY

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Roland Heck Mobilization Director Temecula office

I am excited about a recent phone call I had with a pastor from New York who uses our recordings in his work among Burmese refugees. He encounters many different languages.

I asked him about the results of using our recordings. He told me that when he goes into the homes of these refugees and they listen to the gospel in their language they are spellbound! Every time a message is played someone receives the Lord. They are like sponges when hearing God's Word in their heart language. He was choked up when he spoke of a grandmother with tears flowing as she received the Lord.

This pastor went on to say that he would like for GRN to come to New York. The church they formerly used is vacant as they moved to another one. He does not know what to do with it. He would like for us to use it. He said, "There are at least 100 ethnic groups around the area that could use your ministry."

After I finished the call I thought am I dreaming or is this real? If it is real this could be a huge opportunity for GRN this year!

One possibility is to send someone there for one year to work with this pastor and equip local churches to use our materials to reach out to those 100 ethnic groups. It would also be good to have a GRN outreach center in the New York area.

For now, one of our senior workers is going to meet with the pastor to see what might be possible. Pray with us as we check this out and see where it may lead.

Roland Heck is Mobilization Director in our Temecula office. He and his wife Kieng and family have returned recently from serving in Cambodia.

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