Thanks For Nothing!

Thanks For Nothing!

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Gerry Gutierrez (above) shares a message cassette with a family in one of the camps

By Gerry Gutierrez

The most exciting thing about the 2009 Culiacan Project was that nothing happened! Well, of course thousands of people heard about Jesus, many got prayed for and healed, and over 7,000 families received the Words of Life in their native language! But nothing bad happened!

The level of violence in Culiacan had been very high during the last part of 2008 due to increased drug activity. We began praying that the violence would end. When we arrived there in January we found that the churches had united to evangelize and pray for their city. After a large prayer rally in December the violence had dropped by over half! By late January the GRN team and others gathered at Camp Esperanza to unpack, clean up, stock, and prepare for the influx of outreach workers. From the first day of visiting the work camps we felt God's protection and special blessing on the teams as we went out.

We prayed over and over for God to lead us to just the right camps, and to prepare the way ahead by his Holy Spirit. Almost every night we heard people say, "We dreamt last night that you were coming!" or "Come right in, we have been waiting for you so that you can teach us more Bible." People were eager to learn of Jesus, forgiveness of sins, and a new life with Christ.

There were more than 3,000 names noted for prayer, and almost 7,000 cassettes or CDs given out in over 120 different Indian languages and dialects. Christian resources in Spanish and native languages, along with blankets, clothes, sewing kits, glasses and much love went out everyday of the project. There was increased security in Culiacan, and there was a shoot-out in a camp one night, but it did not affect us. We came back each night praising God for his protection and fruitful ministry.

After the Project ended and the workers had left, there was an upsurge of violence again as the army began to find arsenals of weapons belonging to the drug dealers.

David and Gerry Gutierrez head up the GRN work in Mexico and South America.

What Is The Culiacan Project?

Every year thousands of indigenous Indians travel from many parts of Mexico to harvest the abundant crops in the fields of Culiacan. Over one hundred dialects are spoken by these Indians. Many come from areas strongly resistent to the gospel. Away from such constraints in Culiacan, they are very open to the salvation message.

GRN Mexico has been holding an annual month-long outreach for many years. Staff and other Christian workers visit the work camps each evening to share the gospel. Using a variety of media and methods, including GRN cassettes and CDs in all of the languages, many Indians can clearly hear the story of Jesus.

Not only is the vegetable harvest abundant each year, but so also is the spiritual harvest!

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