It Will be Worth it All!

It Will be Worth it All!

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The opposition and difficulties that recordist Swapan Roy faced in attempting to record the Mathura language of North India demonstrates the trials and challenges often faced by our recording teams. This is especially true when the language group is deep in territory long held by the enemy. This kind of experience can be multiplied over thousands of times as our teams have battled to make Jesus known in places of great spiritual darkness.

The work we are doing today is a continuation of seven decades of steadfast labors by GRN workers of yesteryear. They served with endurance and were faithful at their tasks. Now this current generation of workers has grasped the vision and is running with it. We are on a wonderful timeline that stretches from Genesis with God's promise to bless the nations through Abraham's seed to that wonderful scene in Revelation 7:9 where people from every language tribe and nation are worshiping our Lord. One day our work will be done. Until then we too want to be found faithful at our tasks as we partner and work together to be a part of bringing that amazing vision to fulfillment.

There will always be opposition and difficulties in delivering the good news to every language group. Some of our toughest battles are most likely yet ahead. This is why your prayers are vitally needed. But no matter what we may yet need to go through, as the old hymn states, "It will be worth it all when we see Jesus." And it really will. And it will be especially worth it all knowing that the Mathura of India or the Raute of Nepal or the Meskan of Ethiopia and thousands of groups like them will be seeing Jesus too because GRN workers, in partnership with you, took the gospel to them.

Moving ever forward along the timeline as we serve and pioneer, who can say what great things God will yet do as we partner together and make ourselves available to His mission. Whatever we encounter, whether blessings or trials, we can only imagine the amazement and delight when, together with every tribe, tongue and nation, we see Jesus! Without a doubt we will agree that whatever we went through on earth in serving our Lord really was worth it all!

Colin Stott, USA Director

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