In God We Trust

In God We Trust

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American money bears the powerful words, "In God We Trust." The current worldwide economic crisis will be a good opportunity to test us concerning where or in Whom we are placing our trust. Without a doubt, these are difficult days. Many people are hurting having lost jobs, homes and businesses. Others have seen the value of their stocks and retirement funds plummet. This crisis has affected many of our ministry partners. Please know of our concern for you. Each day in our staff prayer times we have been praying for many of you by name.

How will this economic turmoil affect our work and the support of our staff? We do not know, but we do know that this crisis did not catch God by surprise. We know also that no matter what the circumstance, He is well able to sustain His people in the trial or to deliver them out of it. His provision and faithfulness are not limited by economic downturns.

There are times in our lives when we go through a 'Red Sea' experience. This financial crisis might be such an experience for many of us. Like Pharaoh's army of old, our circumstances might be pressing in hard on us and an 'uncrossable sea' lies before us. When everything seems to be against us and there is no place to turn, God has a plan. He has a pathway prepared which we may not see yet. It is not visible, but it is there. As we seek the Lord, He will open up the way before us in His time and against all odds.

Despite all that is going on around us, and I don't minimize the difficulties, this is not a time for retrenchment. Making disciples of all nations still needs to be done. The message of the Cross still needs to be delivered to every language group. Unreached peoples still need to hear the Name of Jesus. They too need to know the One who can sustain them and give them peace through the trials and uncertainties affecting their lives. So we press forward in faith knowing that we have God's precious promises and wonderful presence to cheer and strengthen us on our way. These are things we can safely bank on.

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