Sabers to India, Africa, Serbia, Belarus

<p>Preparation of Sabers, CDs, DVDs and printed material

Preparation of Sabers, CDs, DVDs and printed material

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An update from Kenny McKee - GRN UK

Hello again, I hope you are doing well and have had a great summer.

A few months ago we were able to buy more stock of our Saber hand wind MP3 players and solar panels. Last week we sent some to Orissa in India and to Dakar in Senegal in Africa. They were all loaded with various recordings in different languages.

We also sent some Sabers along with DVDs, CDs and booklets to Serbia and Belarus.

I just thought you'd like to know where some of them have gone to recently.

Thank you once again for all your generous support to our work here at GRNUK.

Please also have a look at our new web site link...thanks.

Have a blessed week. Bye for now.

Kenny McKee

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