Dalene Joubert

Dalene Joubert

यो पेज नेपाली हाल उपलब्ध छैन.
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Dalene is a South African who joined the work of GR in 1992. She was trained as a field recordist in 1993 and received further recordist training in 2003. Altogether so far she has recorded 180+ titles for 12 different countries in Southern Africa.

In 2007 she took over the management of the ministry, then called Good News Media, a department of Bible Media.

In 2011 Good News Media decided to serve only as a distributor of GRN materials.

After consultation with the GRN International office, Dalene then started a new NPO in South Africa, called GRNSA, focusing only on language capturing and the development of more recording opportunities in Southern Africa. GNM and GRNSA still work in partnership today, with GNM mainly focusing on raising funds in order to subsidise/sponsor GRN materials for Southern Africa.

"There are still tailenders who haven't heard the most important Message of all. And if we don't communicate it to them in a relevant way in their heart language, they will hardly ever understand this Message enough to impact their lives for good."

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  • God has chosen some very special workers for GRN over the years. Dalene Joubert is one of them.

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