About Dalene Joubert

About Dalene Joubert

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God has chosen some very special workers for GRN over the years. Dalene Joubert is one of them.

From a very early age, Dalene believed Jesus came to save the world, but it was a few years before she became aware of her responsibility to make a personal decision to follow Him. In 1992, after completing her university studies (BA Honours) she committed her life to the Lord without holding anything back. Later that year she joined GRN South Africa as a full time worker.

Being a hard working and performance-orientated person, she was destined to burnout. For a while she became despondent about the Lord's work until she came to realise the only reliable and steadfast thing in our lives, is our relationship with Jesus.

Dalene came to Australia in 1992 and 2003, and completed her Senior Recordist Training. She is currently the Manager of Good News Media (GNM), which is the office of GRN in South Africa. She oversees the work and travels extensively to do research and recording. She also arranges the marketing and distribution of the materials throughout Southern African countries.

In 1994 Dalene married Johan Joubert. Although Johan was not a full time member of GRN, he soon developed a passion for the work. He continues to be her mainstay, encouraging her when needed, sometimes accompanying her on her travels for GNM. He is involved in the work in many ways.

Dalene sums up her GRN experience as follows; "I've learnt a lot through the past 15 years while in this ministry. And I'm looking forward not to embracing the future, but embracing the Only One who can take me there."

Thank you, Dalene!

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