CD and DVD Duplicators Making Life Easier

CD and DVD Duplicators Making Life Easier

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Kenny from GRN-UK recently went on a recording trip to Serbia. Read below what happened after he returned.

Kenny writes:

This week we are sending a CD and DVD duplicator to our pastor friend in Serbia, who does a lot of distribution of our CDs, Bible tracts, humanitarian aid and Christmas Shoeboxes etc. When I was there 2 weeks ago I took a lot of CDs and DVDs with me in my suitcase for him to give out in several languages. He told me Serbia is the most un-evangelised country in Europe. This really stuck me and how could we get more CDs etc into his hands to distribute to the people there.

A few weeks earlier a friend of mine who works in the Seamans Mission in Belfast said he had been given a new multi CD copier by someone. Instead of me sending him CDs all the time, I could then send him our master CDs and DVDs in over 100 languages. This we did and now he can copy as many as he wants for the crews on the ships that he visits every day and copy the ones he needs.

So I thought to do the same for my friend in Serbia.

Yesterday I ordered him a CD and DVD time copier, which copies 3 at a time in a few minutes. It is being delivered on Thursday of this week and a team are going to Serbia from the UK on Sunday and will take it with them.

So Praise The Lord for how he opens up these wonderful opportunities.

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