Ed and Judy Young

Ed and Judy Young

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GRN: How did you hear about GRN?

Ed: I Converted to Christ shortly after service in the US Navy. Shortly after I heard about GRN from someone in our church. When Judy and I were engaged we joined a group that visited the GRN record factory in LA monthly to press records. We married in 1966. I Volunteered at GRN in the UK from 1969-71, and joined GRN USA in 1971.

GRN: What Christian work did you do before joining GRN?

Ed: I taught in a Bible institute for Native Americans.

GRN: What was your previous GRN involvement before becoming International Recording and Distribution Coordinator?

Ed: I served in various capacities in GRN - Pressing records, managing the print shop, Field recordist, Recordist training coordinator, Director for GRN Mexico, Director of GRN UK, Director of Ishmael Project.

GRN: Tell us about your experience as a recordist.

Ed: I produced Christian materials for GRN in nearly 100 languages and major dialects. I did recording projects with Native Americans in the USA and Canada. I also worked in Mexico, Spain and Middle East.

GRN: What is your passion?

Ed: The Lord has given me the desire to encourage people in Christ. I enjoy doing that in many settings. People coming into the faith. Growing in the faith. Developing in ministry. Continuing in ministry. Currently I have the privilege of doing this with GRN field staff.

GRN: Do you have a hobby or favorite activity

Ed: My hobby had been hiking in the Grand Canyon. I still find myself going there frequently but now just to look at the scenery or ride my bike along the rim.

GRN: What do you like most about working at GRN?

Ed: GRN is a unique ministry. We help many others with communications tools that make their ministries effective in communicating the Gospel to some of the world's least reached peoples. We truly desire to serve others. In fact we are serving those who serve.

GRN: Do you have a prayer request?

Ed: I need to start phasing out of my current responsibilities and taking up semi-retirement soon. I would like to continue to be a help to the ministry so would need to find out what that should look like.

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Ed is available as a missions speaker as well as for preaching in Churches, Bible schools, Church Camps, conferences, etc.


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