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Jurine - heading up the Filipino team
Jurine - heading up the Filipino team

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The Filipino team:Jurine, Mary Ann, Nestor and Jason
Nestor working in the current office
Graydon Colville, Christine Platt and Alex Shaw met with the Filipino team in November 2013


In November I had the privilege of travelling to the Philippines to meet the GRN team. As Australia supports this centre I am very interested in its welfare and work. I hope you are encouraged as you read on...


I was impressed with the team's vision and their work plan for the coming few years. They have a strategic plan to systematically record and then distribute those recordings throughout the country. They have a strong desire to reach their own people and tell them the story of Jesus in their mother tongues. They are making good quality recordings and getting them into the hands of the people using local ministry partners. In short they are doing a great job!

"They have a strong desire to reach all Filipino people, and to tell them the story of Jesus in their own mother tongue."


In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan the Filipino team are distributing recordings along with clothing, blankets, water and food to people who have lost everything and been moved into Manila. They are working with a local church to do this.


Several months ago our Filipino team travelled to the Casiguran area for the purposes of research, recording and distribution. The region had recently been devastated by an earlier typhoon and many people were trying to rebuild their lives. The team found much need. It also found many opportunities to help, for ministry, and for recording.

During their short visit two of the team of four ended up in hospital. One was a case of appendicitis, the other a gall bladder in urgent need of removal. The team returned from Casiguran very concerned about the health of half the team and with no idea how they were going to pay the medical bills. It seemed a very clear case of spiritual attack. Jason's appendix responded well to antibiotics and did not need surgery. Mary Ann is recovering well after losing her gall bladder. Our Lord faithfully provided for them both in every way.

The team were affected by the devastation. They are providing recordings in the local language, but they wondered if they could help in more concrete ways too. They contacted churches in Manila and collected clothing and blankets to distribute to the people. When they return in February for another recording and distribution trip they hope to be able to provide some material assistance to the people along with the recordings.


The team is facing another major challenge. They have to vacate their office. A very generous board member had given the team office space at nominal rent for several years. He has now sold the building and the team has been unable to find affordable office space. GRN Australia are currently looking into helping the Filipino Centre purchase a suitable property.


The team is working in challenging conditions. Their personal support levels are low and their ministry is hampered by a lack of resources. GRN Australia is very happy to provide support for the Filipino team. This includes prayer, technical assistance, training, advice, financial support, equipment and studio work.

Current priorities are:

  • working with them to purchase a suitable building.
  • providing further recordist training for Nestor and Jason.
  • providing more funds for staff support and ministry.

It is my prayer that the labour of our Filipino team will be used of our Lord to transform many lives in the Philippines.

Christine Platt
CEO - GRN Australia

What can you do?

  • Pray for the Filipino team as they face these challenges and for the Australian team as we seek to support them.
  • Make a one time or a periodic financial contribution to help meet the needs.
  • Invest in a specific project such as:
    • A new office will cost between $80,000 and $100,000 (AUD). It will equip them for effective service and release funds for ministry for many years to come.
    • A recording or distribution trip typically costs around $1,000 (AUD). We can supply you with details of what will be recorded or distributed, and on return, how your gift has made a difference.
  • Tell your friends and church about GRN and encourage them to partner with us.

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