Sounds of Language Foundation Thailand, Prayer and News

Sounds of Language Foundation Thailand, Prayer and News

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Read Sounds of Language Foundation (GRN) Thailand Prayer and News Publications.
  • Moken language - Myanmar * Nyaw script checking * Gospel & Thai culture seminar * MGT to Maehongson * MP3 players with Good News

  • Outreach to Mpi * Hungry for God conference * Visiting many people groups * Researching Nyaw in Nakhon Phanom

  • A new version of the Good News recording in the Karen Sgaw language has been completed for the Karen Sgaw people, totaling over one million, who live on both sides of the Thailand-Burma border.

  • LoveTouch was the only Christian ministry represented. Out of the 60 who came to the fair, around 40 people lined up to receive prayer for health issues from LoveTouch's team of trained volunteers.

  • For most Tail-ender groups, who have no Bible or church, cultural traditions are an important part of their history, worldview and identity. Familiar stories, celebrations and traditions can be used to show that God is not far from them.

  • Nan was excited to learn more about the work of GRN Thailand. "Even though most mountain people have not been educated and cannot read or write, they can learn about God through listening to recordings."

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