Our International Leadership Team

Graydon Coleville: GRN International Director
Graydon Coleville: GRN International Director

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Dale Rickards: GRN USA Director
John Cocquerel: GRN Togo Director
Phillippe Tapernoux: GRN Switzerland Director
Christine Platt: GRN Australia Director

by Christine Platt CEO

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, during May our International Leadership Team reflected upon recent ministry, considered the state of GRN ministry globally, and sought God's guidance into the future.

The ILT is very encouraged to see 30,000 hours of gospel recordings being downloaded from the internet each month and to hear about large scale distribution globally. Please pray for the work of the Holy Spirit as people hear God's word.

ILT grapple with issues such as training recordists and developing their skills, helping our workers around the world, orientating and training new country directors, developing our script library and reaching out to refugees. Please pray for God's help and guidance.

The ILT has six members.

Our International Director, Graydon Colville, ably leads the ILT. 12 years serving as Australian CEO and 12 years in overseas mission work prepared Graydon to understand the ministry and intricacies of GRN. He leads four different teams and seeks greater unity, effective ministry, good accountability and innovation as GRN tells the story of Jesus in every language.

Dale Rickards is our Director for the USA and South and Central America (except Mexico). The US team provides computer and studio support to the network, along with expertise provided by several global co-ordinators. The US office supports recording and distribution within a couple of African nations, India and some individual projects. They do a significant amount of domestic distribution to migrants.

John Coquerel directs our work in Togo and a few surrounding countries. He heeded the call of God to return to Togo from the USA to serve God and his own people. He also assists the Swiss director in overseeing the work in other francophone African nations.

Atta, their recordist, is recovering from a serious motorcycle accident and is now back at work. They do lots of distribution in what is the voodoo centre of the world.

Philippe Tapernoux is our Swiss Director - his retirement job after a lifetime in the watch business. The Swiss office supports much of the work in francophone Africa and the French-speaking world. They use a volunteer model with few offices and full-time workers, yet do a great deal of distribution. They are also assisting recording and hope to train more French-speaking recordists in 2017.

Christine Platt directs the work in Australia, South Africa and Myanmar. Like the USA office, Australia provides a lot of infrastructure, support and expertise to the network - especially in studio, computer and Saber production. Australia also supports recording and distribution in much of Asia and the Pacific.

Please pray for the ILT as they provide leadership to the network. It is a diverse team and their ability to work well together and follow God's direction is important for the future of GRN, and more importantly for the people who will have the opportunity to hear the story of Jesus in their own heart language.

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